It’s Christmas eve in two days 

Allgemein, baking, christmas

OMG…. I can’t even describe how fast time flew bye. I couldn’t wait for December to come around and now it’s nearly the end of the month.

First of all thank you to everyone who stopped by and joined me on Blogmas. I had more than fun blogging everyday. There are two more posts coming up so it’s not over yet. But unfortunately I got sick yesterday and couldn’t bake the stuff I wanted to show you, so I decided to write a little post up to don’t miss a day.

I am really excited for you to see my two upcoming posts but I also wanted to share the posts which were my favorites. 

Although I wanted to bake so many more cookies I am quiet pleased how everything turned out. I love baking so much, especially on christmas. 

I also had so much fun wrapping the presents I got for my family and making my own Christmas crackers for the first time.

Since I got an eye shadow palette by make up revolution I love creating new looks. I had so much fun creating some eye shadow looks for Christmas.

I know 2 months don’t sound like a long time for some but not seeing my friend for so long was really hard and I was so excited to visit her. I had an amazing wonderful day.

And of course decorating my Christmas tree. This always feels so special and I love how my tree turned out.

Get excited for my two last posts of Blogmas. If you are currently sick I hope you get better and enjoy Christmas.

Thanks for stopping bye. ❤

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