Christmas eve

Allgemein, christmas

Christmas eve is for me the most important Christmas day. In Germany we open our presents on christmas eve. So as a child it always was the most exciting day for us 😉.

I always loved going to the church and seeing the performance of the birth of Jesus and singing some Christmas carols. 

I always want to give my family the most amazing presents because they are my life and I would be nothing without them, I love them so much.

But it’s not about the prices, it’s about the thought and that’s all that matters.

All the stuff is from Asos 🙂 (except for the presents for my mum).

My little sister (she’s taller than me) creates a bit of a new style. Loads of her stuff is just too small and very childish so I wanted to give her a few new things.






New Look

For my brother I first had some shirts too, but I wasn’t really sure if he would 100 percent like them so I sent them back.

Now I’ve got this for him:


I actually really love it, I think it’s so cool and every friend is going to love it too.

He also loves to keep his shoes clean so I got him this stuff :D.


Sneaker Protector (Asos)
For my dad we always buy him books because he loves reading, but it can get a bit boring always receiving the same so I got some other things for him this year. I know this sounds at first terrible nobody wants to receive them as a child but now I would love getting them: SOCKS 😊. The socks my dad owns are so old, so I ordered him these ones:

I think they are really nice. And I also got him this slippers because his ones are old too and I think they look really nice and comfy.

I had to think a bit about what I want to get my amazing mum, but than I found 3 amazing things which I am so obsessed with.

Last year one of her mugs broke and she wanted to buy a nice one since that happens but she kind of forgot about it. So I ordered her the mug which broke. But I thought it would be much cooler if the mug wouldn’t be just white. I got her a mug with the skyline of Hamburg. We visited Hamburg  together this year and went to see Lion King so I thought the mug sums our adventure perfectly up.

Villeroy und Boch

When we were in Hamburg I used my new eye shadow palette, my mum absolutely loved it and said that she would like to have the same one. We looked around the city but we couldn’t find another one, so I ordered her one for herself 😊.

Rossman for the German ones

And last but not least I created a gift card for her to go to a backstage tour for the musical ‘Mary Poppins’. She wants to see the musical for so bad and we already planning on doing that and we love to go to these kind of tours so I thought it would be the perfect gift.

Of course Christmas isn’t ‘just’ The time of giving, but it feels really good to give something back to my amazing family who supports me and is always there for me.❤

I hope you have/had the best Christmas 🎄. Thanks for joining me this year. I hope you enjoyed my first time attempting Blogmas.

Merry Christmas 🎄

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