Last day of 2016

Allgemein, Random

There’s only a couple of hours until a fresh new exciting year… 2017. 

Some may be sad that this year is over and some are excited to have a new start.

I really would like to know how you spent the last days in 2016.

I died my hair brown which I wanted to do for ages now and I am so happy on how it turned out. 

I finally read ‘Harry Potter and the cursed child’ and loved it so so much. ❤

Ate too many Christmas cookies.

Watched ‘Lord of the rings’ and ‘The hobbit’ series for the first time and fall in love with an amazing new world and joined an incredible new fandom. 

Ordered a book on how to learn ‘Elvish’.

Went to ikea twice (it’s just the best place on earth  (besides cinemas and theaters)). Got some new bedding (new year new bedding) and ate too many hot dogs there. 

I hope you had the best last days in 2016.

I wish you all the most amazing year. 

Thanks for stopping bye here on Glücksgeist.

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