Favorite videos on YouTube 

Allgemein, Random

Paper towns trailer 

The trailer is just the best thing ever. I started loving Cara Delevingne so much because of this movie. She plays an incredible Margo. The trailer makes you feel so excited and happy and emotional to see such an amazing group of friends and a guy who drives miles for his love. 

Beauty and the beast trailer 

The Disney version is just my biggest childhood movie ever. I watched it nearly every day when I was little so I am so excited to see the new movie. When I found out that Emma Watson is going to play Belle I freaked out, my favorite actress in my favorite movie. 

The trailer is the most magical and beautiful thing I have ever seen. I cried seeing it the first time and it makes me feel so emotional every time I see it. The music is incredible, the scenery, the people…. I just can’t wait. Best trailer in the whole world.

Throw a DIY party  – Bethany Mota 

I watched this on new years Eve 3 years ago and it made me so happy and excited for a new exciting year. Bethany was the first YouTuber I started to watch and I was always so excited when she uploaded a new video. This one is by far one of my favorites. The music is amazing and I love the cute little DIYs. And now I always watch it on New years Eve. 

4 Healthy treats 4 Valentine’s Day – Bethany Mota 

I watched this video 2 years ago or so when I stayed home from school because I didn’t feel that good. I woke up and saw that she uploaded a new video and immediately felt so much better. I love the video so much. The weather is just incredible, the style on how she filmed it is so good and again the music fits just perfectly. I also really love the message behind the video, to feel good in your own body. 

Summer Girls Night Party – Bethany Mota 

Again watched this video and immediately wanted to have a party like that. I remember watching it before my 16th birthday and wanted to create so many of these DIYs. 

Summer lunch and pug walking – MoreZoella 

The weather, Zoe and Alfie and food. I don’t know how a video could be even better. I watched this video so so so often, omg. It makes me feel so happy and excited for sunny days and lunch times, ice cream and exploring little villages. 

The perfect picnic party – Zoella 
I always wanted to do a big nice picnic with my friends. It looks like so much fun. After watching this video I wanted to do it even more. I love seeing Zoe, Niomi, Mark, Poppy and Sean in this video. They are one of my favorite groups. Also Sam made an incredible intro.

NYC green village guide – Tess Christine 
Every NYC guide of tess is just incredible. I want to visit NYC for so bad now. The music, the scenery, the style of the video… everything is just perfect. And I watch her videos so often each day.

Home town travel diary – Tess Christine 

Same goes for her travel diaries. So obsessed with them! The music and just everything makes you feel so happy and excited. I want to travel to all the places she’s been, she makes them look so amazing and exciting. Can’t wait for her next travel diary. 
Let me know what your favorite videos are.

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