DIY with Napkins 

#diy, Allgemein

I found this specific glue for napkins. You can glue them on literally everything and because the glue goes see threw it looks just amazing. And it’s such an easy thing to do for any kind of room decor or present.

You cut out anything you would like to glue on.

Then you have to peel of the first layer of the napkin.

Put some glue on (here) the plastic bauble and put (here) the rose on top of it. Then add another layer of glue. 

Then wait for it to dry.

I also added some napkins with cupcake pictures on to some glasses. You can put some candy in it and give it to someone and it is just one of the nicest gifts.

I am so obsessed with decorating everything, you have to try it out. It also reminds me so much of my childhood because I always did that when I was little.

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