Little haul 

After Christmas I went to a shopping center to check out all the SALE’s. I found a few things! So I thought I could do a little Haul which I haven’t done in ages.
I love this shirt so so much! I think it looks just so cool! Like an incredible instagram photo.

And I found this cute one!

I am also really in love with this one. It says chocolate which I love but I really wanted to buy it because the song ‘Chocolate’ by 1975 is one of my ultimate favorite songs! It’s so good! So every time I look at the shirt I immediately start singing the song.

All the shirts are from ‘Mango’.
I am also so obsessed with ‘Lord of the rings’ and ‘The hobbit’. I watched it for the first time on christmas and absolutely loved it. So I wanted to start learning ‘Elvish’ because it sounds so cool and I am just in love with ‘Legolas’. So I ordered this book.

It’s going quiet okay at the moment. It’s just so hard to learn, but I really want to! (One of my new years resolutions)

Did you bought something after Christmas?

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