DIY – picture frame

I wanted to recreate this for a bit. I saw this all over pinterest and just fall in love with the idea. And I had some false eye lashes who really had their best days.

You will need a picture frame, a white paper and some false lashes. 

( I already glued the white paper on to the carpet thing of the picture frame)

I used these ones by essence but you can take literally what you want. 

Then I just glued the lashes on to the white paper.

I felt really fancy so I lined the lashes with a black marker for some eye liner.

I saw many versions which stop here but I also wanted to have some lips. So I put some lipstick on and yes.. kissed the paper. 

(NXY liquid lipstick)

You can leave the glass of the picture frame out if you want a more 3d look but I left it in.

I love how it turned out and it adds something so nice to your room and literally is the easiest thing to make.

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