DIY – an empty bottle 

I love these kinds of bottles. I think they look so cute and you can’t just get rid of them. But in the end they just take space because you don’t really know what you should or can do with them.

So I wanted to share a few ideas with you on how I use empty bottles to spice up my room.

Number 1

The keep your stuff in one place bottle

First of all a very easy thing to do. You know all the bracelets that lay around your room, hair ties and stuff like that? Why don’t you just put it on top of the bottle? This looks so cute.

You could also paint the bottle in your favorite colour to spice it up, but I think this looks so cool. (Of course with a few more bracelets)

Number 2 

The flour bottle

So obsessed with it! I love how it turned out. You can put fake or real flours in it or just put it on a shelve. It was so much fun to do and so easy.

For this you need some specific glue with which you can glue the napkins on to the bottle and afterwards the glue goes see threw.

Pick some napkins of your choice, as you saw I went for roses.

Peel off the first layer of the napkin, so that two white ones are left.

Then add some glue to the bottle and stick the rose onto it. Add more glue on top of the rose.

Add as much roses or what ever you went for as you like.

Keep in mind to always peel of the first layer.

Number 3 

The sparkly bottle

Fairy lights are just the best. For an easy but cute look put them into the bottle. (Use some little ones, I only had some bigger ones left)

I think this looks so cute and adds something nice to your room.

Number 4

The ocean bottle

When I am on holiday I always take some sand from the beach with me. What could you better do than fill it in a nice bottle?

It looks just so cool and will always remind you of the nice time you had. 

Let me know what your favorite DIY idea was.

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