DIY – picture frame calendar #2

#diy, Allgemein

I went to ikea a few days ago and got inspired to create this. 

We start pretty similar as we did with the make up frame. First of all we need a white paper and the wood stuff thing of a picture frame. 

Glue the white paper on to the wood thing.

Then we need some paper clips.

And some fixing pins.


Line up three paper clips on the white paper. Then take a fixing pin and push it through the paper clips and the wood thing. Do that three times. (The picture explains it better )

Put the wood thing back in to the frame but without the glass.

I put it in place with some sticky tape.

Then it’s time to create the little tags for the frame.

After you written down all the months you have to write the numbers 0-9 down and the 1,2,3 twice.

I glued the numbers on to some cardboard.

(Going to do something with that bowl so it won’t look that boring)

And that’s it. I really want to paint my frame white. I think it would so much better. But I am really happy on how it turned out.

It’s like a little advent calendar. You have to change it everyday which makes your mornings so much better.

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