My sisters 16th birthday 

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My little sister turns 16 today… so crazy. Time literally flew by and she grow up so fast. Now I am feeling so old. 

But birthday means celebration, cake, family and presents. And I got her some really nice things.

Christmas was just around the corner so it can be a bit difficult finding new presents in such short time. This year I got my sister two T-shirts and a pjama for christmas and she loved them so much and is wearing them all the time. I am so happy about that and she said a couple of days ago that I have the best taste and she only wants to receive clothing from me. That was so cute and gave me an idea for her birthday present. 

First of all I got her this lovely card.

And these lovely pyjamas. 

(Asos of course)

My sister is a huge fan of a German musical artists. She wants to see him live for so bad. After I ordered her clothes I saw that he is coming to our town so I had to get tickets for her. I am so excited to give her these, can’t wait. 

I also got here these sort of confetti poppers because she is celebrating with her friends and I guessed they could be quiet cool to have on a party or just for at home. 

All the stuff is of course from Asos. 

I am so happy with everything and I hope she is going to love them as much as I are.

For her cake my mum and dad always bake this cake called zebra cake. Since we were little we always got this cake on our birthday.

But I also wanted to bake something for my sister so I went for these little smartie cakes. 

I am going to upload the recipe in a second post.

Happy birthday my amazing lovely sister, I love you so much! 

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