La La Land 

Allgemein, Random

Yes I know! I finally watched La la Land!!!! And omg !! I heard so many amazing things, it was so hard to don’t get spoiled. I wanted to see it so so badly and finally I saw it. 

Hands down one of the best movies I’ve ever watched. So happy I went to the cinema and heard it with the cinema sound. 

I love Emma Stone so so much. Easy A is one of my favorite movies and I think she is one of the most down to earth actress. 

Ryan Gosling! Of course really good looking. I loved his performance in the Nice guys and he’s just so handsome. I was so excited to see him in la la Land. 

Both of them were incredible, literally incredible. I loved the chemistry between the two! And the music!!! The soundtrack is awesome, beautiful just gorgeous to hear.  

Can we also just talk about her flat? Where she first lives with her girl friends? Goals! I want my flat to look like that. 

I also really love the message of the movie. Dreams can come true if you believe in them strong enough.

If you haven’t watched it yet please go to cinema. I’m not sorry for all my!! The movie truly deserves it.

I can’t wait to buy the movie on dvd and watch it again and again and again. The first song is stuck to my head, love it! 

I had such a nice evening and can’t stop smiling after I watched the movie. My mum went with me to cinema and I’m never going to forget that. 

Did you watch the movie? If so did you love it too? And what is your favorite song? 

Mine is definitely ‘Someone in the crowd’.

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