A day in my life – My sister’s birthday 

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My sister turned 16 on the 27th of January and the day was just so nice so I wanted to share it with you. 

My sister  (of course) still goes to school so I first saw her in the afternoon when she came back. In the meantime I decorated the living room with balloons and baked some mini smartie cakes for her. (Check out the recipe here)

It was a little bit stressful just because I wanted to be finished with all before she came home. I also laid down her presents on the table. 

(Check out what I’ve got my sister here)

I bought these confetti poppers from Asos. So when I heard her opening the door I took one and popped it. I kind of jumpscared her a bit but she was so excited when she saw everything. 

I huged her of course and then she opened her presents. I made her read the card I wrote for her out loud and filmed it. I got her a card to see her favorite German musical artists and yes she was excited! She started crying because she was so happy and it just melted my heart. I love her so much and can’t wait to go to that musical with her.

After that she really was in shock so we just chilled. From my mum she got a ticket for the musical marry poppins. We are going to see that so soon and I can’t wait! My mum and I also choose a balloon and the shop filled it with helium. In the evening we went out for dinner to a restaurant called ‘Vapiano’. We love going there but because it was a Friday it was quiet busy. My sister and mum ate pasta and I went for a pizza. We talked a bit and then we went to the cinema. I love going there so so much. And the cinema is just so freaking cool. On your birthday you can see a movie for free, just so amazing, so my sister went in for free. My mum bought some popcorn for us and we sat down.

The movie was so so nice and hearttouching and really funny too. We watched a German movie so I don’t think anybody will know it (Mein blind date mit dem Leben) . After that we went back home. I had such an amazing day and my sister said the same.  

For the evening I wore some black jeans and this lovely top from forever 21. The last time I wore it was last year on the 27th for the Ellie Goulding concert, so funny.

Also thanks for the congratulations to my sister she loved receiving them. 

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