Mary Poppins musical – a day in my life

I’ve just been to the musical ‘Mary Poppins’. One of the best musicals I have ever seen!!! I want to go back immediately and see it again. It was so so beautiful and exciting, incredible and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
Before we went to the musical my mum and I watched an interview of the German musical actress and !!!!!! I have to tell you a little story.

As some of you know my biggest dream was to see the musical Tarzan. A few years ago my family and I watched a casting show where the audience choosed the Tarzan and Jane for the German musical version. We choosed ‘Elisabeth Hübert’. I remember that my mum came into the living room and said that she just voted for elisabeth cause she liked her so much. 

Tonight I saw Elisabeth Hübert the German Mary Poppins live on stage!!! There were posters in the theater where you could look who the cast is. My mum said look Elisabeth is playing tonight and I freaked out. 

I nearly cried, I was so so happy. 

She was incredible! Perfect! I was so so so so excited to see her and her voice is so beautiful and she is so gorgeous! 

I already watched every interview of Mary Poppins and every interview of her. (Yes, when I love something I love it!)

I also loved the children. They sang, danced and played so good! They are so young! 

I recently watched the movie to get an idea of how the musical could be and wow. Of course you can’t 100 percent compare them with each other but I loved the musical so much more. 

Also the audience was amazing. The atmosphere was so exciting and lovely. At the end there were standing ovations and the actors were so happy about that. The children played amazing and sang so so good.

To the musical I wore my new skirt which I bought from Asos a couple of days ago.

Together with my white blouse,

some leggins, a black blazer and these black shoes. 

Can I just say how much I love these shoes?! I bought them about one year ago (Mango) and never wore them before. Today I decided to wear them and they are so comfortable and so beautiful . They are the only higher shoes I can walk in. I felt really special wearing them. 

I also took this little bag to the musical.  I bought it from Asos a couple of months ago and I love it so much.

And I know you all wonder what I put inside for such an exciting evening.

Pretty boring stuff.

For make up I used my ‘Revolution make up fortune Favours the brave’ Eye shadow palette.

I used the colour ‘New world’ in the corner of my eye and beneath my eye brow. Then I used the colour ‘Favour’ in my crease and the colour ‘Pink diamond’ on my whole eye lid. For eye liner I used the one by essence. For mascara I used 3 different ones. First I took the benefit they’re real mascara in the blue shade for my upper eye lashes. After that I put the manhattan Volcano Xtra Deluxe mascara on top of it. For my lower lashes I used the Rival de Loop mascara.

I finished my look with the NYX liquid lipstick in the colour ‘Amsterdam’.

We also had tickets for the 4th row which was just the best thing ever. At the end Mary Poppins was flying away above our heads! 

It is such a cute musical and I still can’t believe that I saw one of my favorite musical actresses live. She was just perfect. I am so so happy right now. Still can’t believe I actually went there.

I also really liked the little magical things. She was flying up the stars and Bert, who was so amazing, gave her some flowers which he painted. It really is a magical musical.

I am so obsessed with the music too. And the dances, wow! So so cool! 

Also everything Mary wore is so gorgeous! 

Now I want to see it again for so so bad. I am now watching every interview I can find on YouTube and will forever remember this amazing evening!

I hope you had an amazing evening too, lots of love.

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