My Everyday make up look

After all my DIY blog posts it is time to go back to some make up. I love testing new stuff and creating new looks. Today I want to share my everyday make up look with you. Of course this always changes and I thought it was time for an updated one  (check out my old post here).

I start with foundation. I use the Rituals foundation in the shade 11.

I love using it and it has spf 15 which is just amazing. Also it is the first foundation that I have which matches my skin colour.

I apply it with the real techniques expert face brush.

Then I put some concealer on all my blemishes. I use the Rival de Loop concealer in the shade 01.

Now it’s time for eye shadow. First of all I use the essence eye shadow base. 

I am so obsessed with using my ‘Revolution make up fortune Favours the brave’ palette.

I normally just use the shimmery colour in the corner.

I always change my mascara because I love testing new ones. At the moment I use the Manhattan Volcano Xtra Deluxe.

Then it’s time for powder.

For powder I use the manhattan one in the colour naturelle. 

The last step is to contour my face. For this I use the manhattan Bronzer. 

After I wrote this I realised how many manhattan products I use … but I really like them so ;).

For lipstick I love using the NYX liquid lipsticks.

Let me know what your everyday make up products are and what’s your favorite mascara at the moment. 

Little behind the scenes. My hands shaked and that came out. How cool! 

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