My favorite youtuber at the moment 

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I am so obsessed with YouTube and loads of different youtubers. I really enjoy watching hauls and make up tutorials or vlogs. I can’t imagine a life without watching YouTube so it is a big part of my day. When I feel stressed I watch YouTube, when I feel upset I watch YouTube and when I am happy and everything is fine I watch YouTube.

I think you get what I mean. Today I wanted to share my favorite youtuber, I have at the moment, with you. Of course this doesn’t mean that I hate the others I don’t talk about. I just go threw phases where I am so obsessed with one.

I recently found this girl called Freddy (Freddy my love). I watched a video before on her channel but didn’t stuck there. So I watched some more videos and absolutely fall in love with her.

(The picture is from her instagram account)

I love her personality and her calming voice. As I said I love watching hauls and tutorials and stuff like that and her channel is perfect for that. 

I also really like the videos she filmed with her little sister. I think she is so cute and I love seeing the great relationship between the two.

I highly recommend checking out her channel. 

Let me know who your favorite youtuber is.

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