The space between us and limitless 


I am currently so obsessed with a movie and and TV series so I thought it was about time to talk about them.

I’ve been to the cinema and saw the movie ‘The space between us’. I read a short summary of this movie a couple of weeks ago and really wanted to see it. And the movie was so cute, I also cried a little bit. It is just such a nice and cute story.

The movie is about a boy who was born on the Mars. His mum died and the only contact to earth is with a girl. They chat everyday but he isn’t allowed to tell her the truth about where he lives. When he is 16 he flies to earth and searches her and his dad.

The soundtrack is amazing too, I love James Bay. 

Binge watching limitless 

I recently started watching a show called ‘Limitless’. I so enjoy watching it and it gets my excited for every Wensday. 

The series is about a guy who takes a certain drug called nct. Nct allows you to access on your whole brain. For example he can learn a new language in five minutes. He then works with the FBI and helps them find criminals. 

The series is based on the movie ‘Now limit’. 

With that drug you basically could do anything. It is very dangerous cause if you don’t have a certain injection every month you die. 

But if you could take one pill what would you do? (You would have 12 amazing hours)

I am currently trying to learn a bit of Swedish so it would be really cool to learn that in under 5 minutes. But I don’t think I would be brave enough to try it out :D.

Oh and please no spoilers, I’ve just started watching it ;).

Let me know your favorite TV series at them moment.

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