Scrabble gift – Mary Poppins inspired 

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I saw the musical version of Mary Poppins a few weeks ago and loved it so so much. If you haven’t checked out my blog post where I talk about my experience head over here

I told you that I saw my favorite musical actress live on stage and I still can’t believe that. If you watch YouTube you will know that you can send stuff to different youtubers. I always wanted to do it but I’ve just never done it. You can also ask the musical actors to send you an autograph. I really want to do that but I also want to send her a little gift.

I can’t say enough what a magical experience it was and how much I adore her. I just want to say thank you for putting a smile on my face.

I started with colouring this sort of a picture frame with some white paint.

I used this paint which I ordered on amazon.

After the pain dried I took some white, two blue shades and some black and pressed it on to the picture frame with a sponge.

I was left with this amazing result.

Mary poppins

Now it’s time to glue the little scrabble letters on top of it.

I wrote down her name ‘Elisabeth Hübert’ and her city where she lived before, ‘Hamburg’ (check out my Hamburg vacation). Then I also wrote down Tarzan because she was the first German ‘Jane’ and ‘Mary’ cause she is Mary Poppins. 

I am so so obsessed with this look of the scrabble letters. Already creating new paintings with them. 

I also created this one for me. I wrote the German translation of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious down.

I’ll keep you updated if (maybe) I get an answer or something like that. 

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