Writing my first fan mail 

#diy, Mary Poppins, musical, Random

I recently talked about my experience seeing the musical version of Mary Poppins. I also talked about my favorite german musical artist called ‘Elisabeth Hübert’. I send her this art work I made. 

I also wrote her a letter telling her why I made it and why I love her so much. I hope I didn’t sound too weird and crazy.

I found this amazing design on pinterest. What better to do than writing Mary Poppins with Mary Poppins paper. I also asked for an autograph. My sister and I sat down for 3 hours writing our letters (she wrote to her favorite musical actor). We wanted them to be perfect and we were so so excited to send them to our favorite musical actors. 

We laughed so much whilst doing this and dreamed about getting an answer. Although we weren’t hoping too much to don’t get disappointed in the end. And we didn’t wrote them in the first place to get an answer we just wanted to say that we like their hard work and we really appreciate it.

It is really sad that so many people don’t write letters anymore. I always get so excited when I get something in the post and I really like that you then have something physically in you hands. I really want to start writing more. Of course I am doing that here and I love that but I write all my blog posts with my phone and it isn’t really writing, more typing. 

And it is also a really good excuse to wrote some more ‘fan’ mail ;). 

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