Backstage at the Mary Poppins musical 

I love musicals! I love them so much that I want to know everything about them. Luckily the offer a backstage tour where you can go behind the scenes.

I did this with Tarzan, lion king and another German musical and always loved it. But I think this time it was the best time ever.

I was really excited for Sunday and I just couldn’t sleep. I woke up hour for hour dreaming that I slept too long and missed the whole thing, but luckily we were on time and we listened to the musical soundtrack of ‘Wicked’ on the way to the theater which is just one of the best things ever. Although I couldn’t stop singing ‘One short day’ during the whole backstage tour.

To the backstage tour I wore some black jeans together with my new favorite shoes and this lovely top which I got from my mum.

First of all we went to the meeting point. Normally there are 10 people for one tour but there were so many people this time. We panicked a bit because with such a big group it would have been horrible. You wouldn’t be able to see everything our hear what the guide says. But luckily they split it in little groups.

When you go to a tour like that you always get a lanyard keychain and this time we got a blue one! I have 5 now! Of course I changed my ‘Rocky’ one in to the Mary Poppins one.

As I said I went to a backstage tour before. And this time we had the same lovely lady from the ‘Tarzan’ tour. She also remembered my mum and we talked a bit at the end, but it will talk about this a bit later.

And sadly I can’t show you any pictures of the tour because you are not allowed to take pictures, but I do my best to describe it so good that you can imagine it.

First of all we went behind the stage where the women get dressed and where they put their make up on. We saw some costumes and some wigs and it was just so so cool. We also went to the men’s dress area and I saw the wigs from Elisabeth’s (one of my favorite musical actresses) man. Then we saw some props like the beds from the children. We also saw the umbrella and the bag from Mary. 

Then we were allowed to go on to the stage! It is so unbelievable amazing to stand there and to see all of the thousands seats. The technique group were checking everything so that everything will work later in the show. Which was really cool to see and they also played some music so loud which was just so funny. The guide also told us that one person always has to be inside the house (the main prop of the show) to give out all of the props they need during the show. I want to have that job for so bad! Imagine giving your favorite musical actress all her stuff… . We asked the guide how Mary flies up the stairs but of course they don’t tell us everything which is absolutely fine.

Then we went upstairs and I saw from the corner the changing room from Elisabeth! I freaked a little bit. She showed us some costumes and we were allowed to touch them. After that we went downstairs again and saw the costumes for the children, Michael and Jane. 

We also went to the main dress area and okay… Elisabeth’s changing room is just around the corner, so so cool! But she only plays the evening shows so of course she wasn’t there, sadly. The dress room was really cool, but it was so hot there. We were quiet happy to go outside after a few minutes. I saw Elisabeth’s changing room from the distance one more time and then went downstairs. 

My mum asked the lady where the actors and actresses go inside and out and she then showed it to us ,so now I can wait there and see them. I didn’t do that today but I know where I have to go now. And Michael even came inside, the little boy. He was so confident and just went to the cafeteria. 

Then we went inside the theater and sat down for a bit. She told us some more facts and how many people work there and stuff like that. It was so so cool. I didn’t want to leave, but of course I had to.

At the end we said thank you to our lovely guide and as I said she remembered my mum. We then talked a bit about Mary Poppins. She saw the show 3 times already! I want to do that! And she told us that she now goes backstage so she can explain better how everything works. We then talked about ‘Tanz der Vampire’ (German musical), Rocky and Tarzan. 

I also had a job interview for working in the theater, but I didn’t get it… yeah. I was really really sad about it and I still am a bit. But the woman was really lovely and really shocked that I didn’t get it. 

I had such an amazing morning and I am so so happy at the moment. My sister enjoyed the day as well, but she said my mum and I are so embarrassing! Well, we like to ask a lot and we always talk to everybody. I don’t thing that is too embarrassing ;). 

I think you can tell after reading this how much I love musicals and how much such little things like a behind the scenes tour means to me. I feel incredible lucky to experience all of this.

I hope you have the best day! Remember that the little things are the important things in life.

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