My Instagram feed 


Yes I do have an instagram account for my blog and I am kind of a bit proud on how it looks. In school everybody just talked about how many followers you have. I’ve never liked that and just thought that’s super stupid, but being one with not so many followers I sometimes thought why doesn’t so many people like my pictures?

Of course these were incredible stupid thoughts and a number isn’t important in your life. So I didn’t make my instagram account for that.  

When I look through it, it makes me really excited because I did so many amazing things, so many little things that made my day.  

I also never understood how to achieve an instagram feed, but I think I kind of achieved that a little bit. 

Of course there are so many better accounts out there, but as I said I just love scrolling through my account and see some pictures which capture amazing days, nights or just moments.

Do you also have an instagram account? I also would love to know what you like about instagram.

Lots of love. 

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