New foundation routine

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I uploaded an update everyday make up routine (which you can check out here) a few weeks ago. Well, it changed again.

I have incredible dry skin. As a child (in school) I always got made fun of it, but it is so hard to improve it. After all of these years I am really happy how my skin developed and it became so much more softer and healthier. But wearing foundation is nearly impossible. You can really see the dry parts of my skin immediately after I applied a tiny drop of foundation.

I use so many face masks to get rid of my dry skin and they really help. So it was a lot better and sometimes my face looked really good with foundation, no dry parts. 

But it is winter so my skin changed completely and it became bad again. Not horrible but at the moment I can’t wear any foundations, it just looks not so nice.

So I tried to use just powder on my face and I love it. Of course it doesn’t give you as much coverage as a foundation, but as I said foundations never really worked for me, so this is kind of life changing.

First of all I apply concealer on to all my blemishes. 

Then I take my real techniques expert face brush. 

With my brush I apply my manhattan powder on to my face.

I am really happy with this and if you struggle with dry skin I would recommend checking it out. Of course I can’t speak of everybody and every skin is different, but in case it helps you, I really wanted to share it with you.

I wore just powder to the backstage tour and got so many compliments on it. Nobody saw that it literally was just powder on my face. I also went for breakfast with my friend the other day and she complimented my skin as well, so for me it really works. 

Let me know if you have any recommendations or make up tips.

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