Tanz der Vampire – Scrabble DIY 

After creating my gift for my favorite musical actress (check it out here) I had to create another one for one of my favorite musicals called ‘Tanz der Vampire’ (German musical about love and vampires).

I used a wood picture frame again.

The musical features a lot of blood and vampires so I had to use some darker and more red colours. 

I got these colours from Amazon 

I used this dark red with some bright orange, black and white to get this darker look.
I applied the colours with a sponge.

The scrabble letters.

I am running out of letters after creating so many DIY’s with them ;). But this time I just wrote the name of the musical down.

At the end I took a white pencil and draw some vampire teeth on to the frame. I also wrote the quote ‘This love never ends’ down because it is the iconic quote of the musical. 

I really really like how it turned out. I hang all of my created picture frames on to my wall and it looks just so nice! 

Let me know what you think of it in the comments. I hope you have a lovely day.

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