February favorites 

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I haven’t done one of these in ages so I thought it was about time to do one again.

One of my absolutely favorites this month is Mary Poppins! At the end of January I watched the movie for the first time. 

And went to the musical version of it. 

I loved both so so much. Check out my blog post for the movie (here) and for the musical (here). I’ve done so many Mary Poppins inspired DIY’S this month. 

I really think February isn’t called February anymore, it should be called ‘Mary Poppins month’. I also went to a backstage tour which you can check out here.

But don’t you worry. Of course I can’t and will never stop loving the movie or the musical so there is a new baking/DIY blog post tomorrow featuring some Mary Poppins creations. 

As I said February really was the month of DIY’S. I love being creative and I had so much fun creating all these amazing things. You just have to scroll threw my blog to see what I’ve done this month. I am not going to stop doing DIY’s in March although I hope to bake a bit more this month. 

I also have a new favorite app to share. The app is called ‘Duolingo’ and you can learn so many different languages with it. I am currently learning Swedish and it is so much fun! If you want to learn something new I highly recommend that app. 

I also really loved instagram this month. I have an account for my blog so head over if you want to check it out. But don’t get mad I love posting stuff there so I post a lot. 

I am also so obsessed with filters this month. I have the Samsung galaxy s7 phone and as many phones you have different camera filter options. I never checked them out but they are so amazing! I love them so much and I love taking pictures with them. 

For make up I discovered a new make up routine routine (which you can check out here) and I am so obsessed with powder for foundation at the moment.


I also loved these shoes this month as well as my new skirt. Everytime I had the chance to wear them I did it!



For TV series I am loving limitless at the moment. It is such a funny series but also so gripping at the same time. I am still watching season one so please no spoilers. And ‘Germany’s next topmodel’ started 3 weeks ago and I love that show so much. I just grew up watching it.

Of course blogging is one of my favorites too. I uploaded nearly every day a blog post this month and it was so much fun and the response was so amazing so thank you for that! My blog really becomes like a diary for me which I love so much. I can’t understand how two months of the year already passed… and what crazy stuff I already did. I am so excited for what is coming next and of course I will share all of it with you. I never thought I would experience such an amazing community here. You all make blogging so exciting, thank you!

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