Beauty and the beast week 

On the 16th of March beauty and the beast is airing the cinemas in Germany.

As a child (and still now) it was my favorite movie in the whole world! I loved watching it together with my sister and mum.

Emma Watson is by far one of my favorite actress. I love her so much! 

And I know that Dan Stevens is going to be the perfect beast! I love his performance in ‘Downton Abbey’ and can’t wait to see him on the big screen.

Yes, I am more than excited for the new Beauty and the Beast movie. So here it is: the countdown to the most amazing film.

I am going to post this week only ‘Beauty and the beast’ content to countdown to its release. I hope you join me and that you are as excited as I am to see the movie.

8 thoughts on “Beauty and the beast week 

  1. OMG! So excited to watch this! Can’t believe Emma can sing! I’m your 100th follower! yay! Love this post! So excited for your next one! This is Chy from Her Lost Mango. Nice to meet you! Would love to connect with you. I just posted my Amsterdam trip with a lot of photos and more Europe trip about to be posted. I just followed you. XOXO


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