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my favourite YouTuber, Random

I am recently so obsessed with a couple of YouTubers. Some of them I watched for years and some of them only for a couple of weeks or months. So I thought it was about time to update you. Let’s start!

First of all Rosanna Pansino – nerdy nummies

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Dan and Phil baked some donuts with her, that’s how I got to know her. I loved the video and I really liked her, but for some reason I didn’t watch more videos. Then a couple of months later I watched some more baking videos and now I love her! She’s the cutest person on this planet! If you’re not in a good mood watch her and you’re so much happier than before! Her baking tips are amazing and I love that she explains each step into detail. She really gets me excited for baking! 

I am literally sitting her and binge watching all of her videos! I love her so much! And I want to bake everything she’s done now….

Megan Nicole

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I was so obsessed with Megan when I was about 15/16 years old. I loved her covers so much and she was just so cool. All my friends watched her and talked about her, but then this stopped and I forgot a bit about her. When I went to Hamburg last year her original song ‘Mascara‘ was my go-to song, I love it. Last week I watched so many of her old videos and it made me feel a bit emotional when you realize how much time has passed.

Also fun fact I nearly saw her live in Munich but sadly she came on a Monday and I had school and it is quiet a trip to Munich for me.

My favorite covers are ‘Here’s to never growing up‘, ‘Summer forever‘ and if course ‘We are never ever getting back together’.

Tiffany Alford

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When I became obsessed with Megan it didn’t take me long to love Tiffany. It is really amazing how much time both of them put into their videos. They aren’t just singing a song infront of a camera. They create a full music video! This is so so amazing and I really enjoy watching her videos. I also love her original songs! I still can’t believe how someone can write such great songs.

My favorite cover is ‘Blank space‘.

Of course I still watch and absolutely love all of my British YouTubers.

Let me know who’s your favourite youtuber in the comments!

14 thoughts on “My favourite YouTuber

  1. Ahh! I love Ro! I’ve been watching Nerdy Nummies for a few years now, and I’m so impressed with her cooking/baking skills! I haven’t heard of Tiffany Alford or Megan Nicole, I’ll have to check them out. I tend to watch either gaming channels or lifestyle channels. For music channels I go to Pentatonix or Walk off the earth. Acapella fascinates me. Anyway, great post 😀

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