27 reasons why I love Zoella 

my favourite YouTuber, Random

Today is Zoe’s 27th birthday! 🎉🎉🎉 in case she is reading this: first of all a massive happy birthday to you!!! 🎂

You all know how much I love Zoe! She’s one of my favorite YouTubers! She is such an amazing strong woman! 

To celebrate her birthday I am going to name 27 reasons why I love her!

Let me know in the comments why you love her and how long you’ve been watching her.

1. Her vlogs are always so long! 

2. Her hand cream is the best thing ever!!! 

3. Because of her I discovered ASOS.

(I am not too sure if this was a good thing :D)

4. Because of her I love baking so much more.

5. She introduced me to a brand called boohoo (again not sure if this was good;)).

6. Because of her I use the app ‘ 1 second everyday ‘ and create a diary with just 1 second each day! (The app is amazing check it out!)

7. She introduced me also to an app which tells you to drink more water. I’ve used the app about half a year and I’ve never drunk so much water!

8. Zoe told me that feeling anxious shouldn’t be embarrassing because so many people feel like this.

9. Zoe proves everyday how cool Brighton is! 

10. Because of Zoe I now know that it is okay to be super excited for Christmas.

11. Zoe told me that it is okay to don’t drink alcohol when you don’t like it.

12. Zoe showed me that going to every party isn’t required.

13. Zoe told me that watching Disney films although you aren’t a child anymore is more than just normal.

14. Zoe told me that listening to the same song on repeat really shows how much you love it.

15. And that it isn’t weird to do that.

16. Zoe introduced me to a make up brand called NYX. Since that I am only using NYX liquid lipsticks (my amazing mum too).

17. Zoe also introduced me to an amazing woman called Tanya Burr. 

18. She shows everyday what true friendship means.

19. And that making friends online is just the best thing ever.

20. Zoe teached me that being crazy and over-excited is a good thing.

21. Zoe introduced me to another amazing woman called Niomi Smart.

22. Zoe told me that being happy is the most important thing in life.

23. Zoe made my last years so much more joyful.

24. Zoe gave me one of the best stories to read.

25. Made me by far too excited for baths.

26. Zoe showed me how much fun blogging can be.

27. And gave me the courage to start my own blog.

That are my 27 facts about my loved Zoe. I hope you enjoyed my blog post. 

Let me know in the comments what you think of this.

I hope you have the best day! 

And if it’s your birthday too: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤🎂.

25 thoughts on “27 reasons why I love Zoella 

  1. LOVE THISSSSS!! I really love the photos too, so bright and colorful! Zoe is amazing, and she too taught me a lot of the things you’ve mentioned. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE SUGG! 🙂 Great post idea !

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Omg I love this!!! Such a lovely way to show your appreciation for one of your idols! I too adore Zoe and all she stands for! She’s helped me through so much without even knowing it! Hope she reads this for you girly!! And a very happy birthday to you Zoe!!! 💙

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hii, really loved it😊
        Because of you I downloaded the app 1 seconde a day, and also because of Zoe I have my love for christmas 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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