Little things – best mum – nerdynummies cook book 

I had such an amazing day yesterday so I really wanted to share it.

First of all I have the best mum! I really really do! Yesterday she surprised me with this:

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The nerdynummies cook book in german!!! How freaking cool is that?! I was so so excited and happy when she gave it to me and she was really excited to.

And the book is amazing! One of the best things is that they converted everything into grams and stuff like that so no more converting for me ;).

It’s also an amazing edition to my cook books. The only cook book I used to have was ‘Love, Tanya’ but this wasn’t a real cook book more a lifestyle book with a cooking section. For Christmas last year I got my first cook book from my brother and now I have two!!

It is so nice to have something in your hands. Now I just want to bake bake bake. Finally I have a recipe for a good brownie, new York cheesecake…. .

The first thing I am going to bake is the ‘WLAN cheesecake’. It’s my dad’s birthday on Monday the 3rd and he always tries to get the best internet for us. He also is a programmer so I thought this cake would be perfect for him.

I am going to show you how my cake turned out on Monday and also what I got him for his birthday, let’s be honest, finding a good present for your dad is so hard.

I also had to take a cool Polaroid selfie with my new book! As you can probably tell I am really really excited about this and this was one of my ‘made my day moments.


Baking is really really important to me. It’s really calming and relaxing to me but at the same time it’s so fun and exciting. Trying out new recipes is amazing and when they turn out good I am always so so proud. I also love how excited my family gets when I bake something. They always tell me I should do this for a job  ( I don’t think I am that good :D) but it is just so sweet to hear such nice compliments for a little muffin or cake.

Do you like to bake? Let me know in the comments.

Oh I have to add another thing to my ‘made my day’ list. It was really really sunny and nice outside. I wore my favorite new shoes and some really comfy jeans.


Oh and Ro retweeted my tweet again…. I KNOW!!!


I just completely fell in love with her! She’s such a cute inspiring person. Her videos make me smile and make me feel so so happy.

That’s enough rambling for today ;). I hope you liked my little résumé of my day.

I hope you have the best day.

Love, Glücksgeist.

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