A nice sunny day with my sister (and mum)

April the first 

Today was a pretty chilled day, but it was so sunny and nice outside that I really wanted to go outside for a bit and take some nice pictures. My sister first didn’t want to join me but then she went outside with me.

Processed with VSCO

We walked to a place where loads of trees are and took some really cool pictures.

Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO

My mum was a bit shocked when we said we are going outside for a bit because we never do that 😀 we are such city girls.

But I think it is really important to breathe some fresh air and to just walk around for a bit.

I also loved and was so happy that my sister joined me. During the week we often don’t have a chance to do much together, which is a bit sad. So I was so happy that she spent the day with me and although she didn’t want to go outside she went with me.

And my sister and I now have a few more nice pictures together. (My sister never wants to take pictures together or of her so this was really exciting).

I also took my mum’s pink jacket with me. That jacket is so beautiful! I love pink and I really want to have something pink now too.

Outfit of the day:


I really had such a nice day with my mum and my sister. ❤ I am so so thankful to have them both in my life.

Processed with VSCO


And to end this amazing day my mum cooked some Chinese  (it tasted so so delicious) and we played some Rommé. I lost but I had so much fun playing and I was winning until the last round ;). But my mum won and that was completely fine!

I hope you had/have an amazing day too.

Let me know in the comments what you did or going to do today.

24 thoughts on “A nice sunny day with my sister (and mum)

  1. This post made me smile so much! Such a cute post, such lovely photos! You’ve made me want to get up out of bed and go on over outside with my own camera to shoot some pictures! I love love love your outfit, that jacket especially, so cute! Your hair too, so pretty! Stunning, absolutely stunning :D!

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  2. It looks lovely out! It’s so sunny here I may make an excuse to pop over the road to the beach (just to get outside for a bit)! I’m so excited for my field trip on Thursday though when I actually get to go out and “work” outside in the sun! (Although this is Wales so knowing our luck it will rain!)

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      1. I’m really lucky here that the university is literally over the road from the beach, but believe it or not, in the 6 months I’ve been here I’ve only been to the beach 3 times XD

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  3. 1 – You look gorgeous! 2- That coat is perfect! 3- I’m so happy you went outside, that place looks gorgeous. Also I’m glad you had an amazing day!!! Happy for you, girly!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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