Happy Birthday Papa

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April the 3rd

Today is my dad’s birthday!!! So first of all Happy Birthday Papa (=German for dad). I love my dad so so much!!! 

But you know how hard it is to shop for men. It can be quiet hard to find a good birthday present and I am not talking about a super expensive one just a nice little present. 

I wanted to give him this book for Christmas but it was sold out. After Christmas I found it again on ASOS and just had to get it for him. My dad wants to rebuild the living room and a few other rooms in the future so I thought this is the perfect present. My dad is really manual and technical so I can’t wait for him to try a few things from this book.

And I do love this book too, you know how DIY obsessed I am.

I love to bake and I think to receive a hand made cake on your birthday is a really nice thing and it shows how much the person who made the cake cares about you because it takes a long time to bake. So of course I had to bake a cake (that rhymed) for my dad.

If you read my last blog posts you know that my amazing mum bought me the nerdynummies cookbook. Of course I had to bake something from it for my dad’s birthday and I chose the Wi-Fi cake. 

Especially my brother cares a lot about good internet and my dad always tries to give us the best and he is a programmer.

That’s why I chose the Wi-Fi cake. There couldn’t be a better one for him.

Soo…. my day wasn’t the best and my cake didn’t turn out the best….. I normally wouldn’t have shown you this but here it is:

I also added a candle on top.

If you cut out a slice of cake, it (should) looks like the Wi-Fi symbol.

You can see it am I right? 😉

My dad really liked my and my siblings presents and although the cake doesn’t look the best it tastes really good. 

In the evening we went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant. 

I think my dad had a nice day and that’s what counts, he was so happy when he came home and saw the cake and everything. I love my dad. ❤

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Papa

  1. I see the wifi thing on the cake! I know the disappointment when your cakes don’t look how you want them to, especially birthday cakes! =( But I’m sure it tasted great 🙂

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  2. You’re such a sweet girl! I definitely see the wifi signal on the cake. You’re an amazing and caring gift giver, you really think about the person and about what they like. Happy birthday to your papa!!

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