Finally I am a hair styles pro …. not 

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Finally I can do something with my hair! I am still by far not a pro but I try to create some nice styles and I think I improved a lot.

If you are a hair pro you probably think she does the most simple hair styles ever :D. I show you at the end how much I improved.

First of all let’s start with this hair style. 

I put all of my hair into a high ponytail and then braided it. I love this simple hair style because you get all of your hair out of your face. Sometimes your hair is just annoying ;).

I also love this version:

Processed with VSCO


Now I have a little twist on this hair style. I created a ponytail but then I put my hair through it and then braided it.

Processed with VSCO


It’s a little bit hard to explain. But you create a little hole above your hair tie and pull your hair through it.

Sometimes I like to have my hair out of my face but don’t want to have it all up (does your hair hurt when you have it in a ponytail all day too?). So these hair styles come in very handy.

I feel really Zoella alike with the first one because she wears her hair like this sometimes.



Processed with VSCO

I really love this hair style. I wasn’t sure if I can rock it but I think I can.

Then I just braided my little ponytail into a fishtail braid.

Processed with VSCO


But I also love just a simple braid with this hair style.


Processed with VSCO

Let me know which hair style you liked the best in the comments.

I am really happy with my results and I can’t wait to try some new hair styles.

Wow…. I really said hair styles a lot! 😉

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