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The incredible Jamie from Don’t give a jam nominated me for the One lovely blog award. First of all thank you so much Jamie for nominating me! Jamie has an amazing blog where she talks about everything! She recently uploaded a review of the new series ‘13 reasons why‘ (no spoilers of course). You should definitely check out her blog here.


  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
  • Post about the award
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 people
  • Let your nominees know you’ve nominated them!

7 facts about myself: 

1. As I child besides ‘ Beauty and the Beast’ and Mulan one of my favorite films was ‘The little mermaid’.

2. I haven’t seen this movie since I was a child but I am definitely going to do that soon! 

3. I am currently so baking obsessed. After creating so many DIYs I feel like I have to catch up with my baking.

4. The first cupcakes I’ve ever made are my ‘lemonade‘ ones. 

5. Besides ‘Pretty little liars’ And ‘The originals/ Vampire diaries’ I can’t watch any other spooky series.

6. I love reading books. If I like a book I can’t put it down and I read it so fast. So I think I am quiet a fast reader.

7. I watched the movie ‘Clueless’ recently and it is now one of my favorite high school movies.

I just love these awards! 

I nominate every single one of you who reads this! Don’t be shy, if you want to do this tag then do it.

21 thoughts on “One lovely blog award 

  1. I can’t get enough of reading all these tag/award posts. I love getting to know you guys better 🙂 I love Clueless! Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About you and Mean Girls are my top favourite high school movies 😀 (that I can think of the top of my head, I’m sure there’s more)

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