What’s on my phone #PLLW 

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Imagine the pretty little liars girls without a phone…. the whole series wouldn’t have worked, don’t you think? 

A sending letters? Sounds weird! 

Because of this I want to share what’s on my phone with you today.

Let’s start with my main part. As you can see I have Instagram, Twitter (@gluecksgeist06), Snapchat (although I don’t use it that much) and YouTube on the right side. Pretty self-explanatory. 

On the left side there’s my camera app, VSCO, 1 second everyday and my HPsprocket app. I love using VSCO to edit my pictures. The 1 second everyday app is so amazing! You basically record 1 second of your day and after a month or year you then get a little film which shows all of your highlights, I love that! 

Then my ‘sprocket’ app. Did you see Zoella’ s video where she showed us a little printer? It’s basically a little printer which you can carry around in your handbag. It doesn’t need ink and you can print out your pictures and stick them on something. I got this printer for Christmas last year and I am more than obsessed! So I have the app to control my little printer.

Let’s go to the main bar on my phone. On the left side there’s WhatsApp, then my phone app, and on the right side is the menu. In between that there’s a little folder:

This folder has all of my music apps inside it. Spotify, my radio, play music and Amazon music.

Let’s go to the next side of my phone.

The two apps which aren’t in a folder are Google chrome and duolingo (I tried to learn Swedish with this app). The folder on the left side at the bottom has all of my bank stuff in it.

Let’s start with my first folder:

I called this one my lifestyle folder. This contains Pinterest, my gallery  (all of my pictures), my notebook and a little girly app ;). 

The next one is called ‘organisation’. It includes my calendar, clock and gmail.

Let’s go to the right side:

In this folder are all my tv apps or apps like Netflix.

Then there’s my blog-folder which features Zoella, Tanya Burr …. .

The last folder on my phone is my wordpress folder:

In this folder is the WordPress app, a link to my blog and a dictionary (English isn’t my first language).

And that’s It! I hope this was a bit interesting for you. Let me know what apps you have on your phone in the comments.

Have an amazing day! 


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20 thoughts on “What’s on my phone #PLLW 

    1. Personally I really really like it, it’s such a cool thing to print out your photos from your phone. I use it really often and every friend and family member is obsessed with it. So I can highly recommend it but of course I can’t say it’s something for everybody 🙂

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