New blog design 

This isn’t somtehing crazy but quiet exciting for me. I changed my theme, I went from Canape to Button 2 and I am loving my blog so much more. Don’t get me wrong I loved my blog before too but recently I just felt like my blog wasn’t as good as all of the other ones I am seeing on a daily basis. 

I also thought it was time for something new so I changed it. 

As I said I feel like my blog isn’t as good as I want it to be so I am working really hard to get better each day. I am also adding this little snippet at the end of each post:

Can you see that little cupcake in the corner? I love that you don’t see it right away because it is the same thing with my blog. At the beginning I didn’t share as many baking recipe as I am at the moment. You definitely don’t know everything about me there’s a lot more sides I haven’t showed you yet. But as a main part I love baking so I wanted to feature it on my blog.

I also write all my blog posts on my phone because my pc is too slow. But that means I can’t do as much and I also can’t really change the size of the pictures… . So I am trying to write more and put more effort into my pc-blog-posts. I also get the old pc from my dad so blogging could be a lot more easy on the pc ;).

Now let’s get to my upload schedule. Because of my two weeks (beauty and the beast and pretty little liars) I didn’t have a real schedule. I think I am going to upload on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Maybe I do upload one extra blog post now and then but I try to keep that schedule for my blog. 

I hope you enjoyed my little update on my blog. Thank you to everyone who is subscribed to my blog, it means so much to me. 

27 thoughts on “New blog design 

  1. I like the update! I currently use a similar one (Button) great minds think alike haha xD random question if you don’y mind, how did you manage to put posts under the menu categories, really struggling to on mine! like posts under PLL, and #diy for example. plugin? HELLLPPP meeee, please and thank you. The struggle is real :L

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    1. Thank you!
      Okay I hope I can explain that.

      So first of all when I write a post I put it into a category like baking. Do you know how to do that?
      Then when you edit your design of your website there’s a category called menu. I created a new menu and then added my categories to it. You can also add single posts. Then there’s two little boxes. Your menu can be in you header (that’s what you want) or your social media menu that’s what is on the side. So you click the header box one and that’s it.
      You can also create a main menu like baking and then include your single categories or posts underneath it.

      I hope this helped you a bit 😀

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