My favourite YouTuber – iJustine


I really enjoy writing ‘My favourite Yotuber’ posts because I love looking back at them and see who I liked at which part of my life. I also love to share it with you and introduce you to some YouTubers you may have never heard of and give them a try because they all make me so happy. So let’s start with today’s favourite YouTuber, iJustine.

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I don’t know why I didnt start watching her ages ago! This girl is amazing! She’s so cute and funny and really cheers you up. Although I always nearly get a heart attack when she uses her knife to open everything!

She’s also the biggest ‘Mario‘ fan ever! I love how excited she gets when something Mario-related happens.

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And I do love Mario too. I was so obsessed with so many Mario related Nintendo games… good times.

But what I love the most about her are her baking videos! They are amazing and hilarious at the same time. I think I watched every single baking video of her’s. I love that she is always so surprised if something works out good because I feel like this too when I bake. At the beginning and still now so many things went horrible and I love that I am not the only one who can’t bake sometimes.

I discovered her because of the amazing Rosanna Pansino. You all know Ro I talked about her in my last favorite YouTuber post (check it out here) and because my amazing mum bought me her cookbook, I am currently baking my way through it.

Because I love each of them so much their collab videos are just the best thing ever! I laugh so much watching these two together.

So I can highly recommend checking out iJustine‘ s channel. Let me know what you think of her in the comments.



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