Charcoal peel off face mask #review 

Finally finally finally I got my hands around a charcoal peel off mask! I wanted to try these for ages but all the masks I saw where super expensive and I didn’t want to spent that much money in case I don’t like them.

My trusty loved ‘DM’ (like Boots, or Superdrug) has an incredible range of face masks. I am using and loving these for years now. What I like about these is that they are super affordable (0,75 €) and that they really work for my skin. I am especially talking about the brand ‘Balea’. I think I nearly tried and used every single face mask they ever sold. But as I said I didn’t get my hands around a charcoal one until now.


This package serves you 4 uses, incredible I know, although you can always built the mask up (2 uses).

With this one I put quiet a lot onto my face and I used a little bit more than half of one of the little packages.

When I opened the package I first wasn’t sure if I liked the smell of it, but after a few minutes I got used to it and quiet liked it.

I heard that these masks are painful but I didn’t believe it. My sister and I both did this mask at the same time. My sister applied a much thinner layer but after a few minutes she couldn’t move her face anymore because the mask was getting really tight. I felt a little bit of tension but not as much as my sister, but I think that’s just because I am by far more used to these kinds of masks.

Then it was time to peel the masks off and wow. This was quiet painful. I was really impressed and shocked that a mask can do that. But after you peeled everything off I thought that it wasn’t that bad. My sister though said she’s never doing that mask again because it was so painful. I think it depends on your pain range ;).

The masks did peel of our dry skin and the little little spots.

After we peeled of the masks our face felt a lot more cleaner, but at the same time really dry. My sister and I struggle with really dry skin so we did another face mask afterwards, but maybe that is just because of our skin type.

All in all I love this mask! I am so so happy I found this affordable alternative which really does a good job. It is quiet painful at first but I think you really get used to it.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this (or similar) mask(s).

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19 thoughts on “Charcoal peel off face mask #review 

  1. I always wondered if this thing actually works! Thanks for the review! Have you ever tried a white milk mask thing? If you have can you tell if it was effective? I saw it once in boots.

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  2. I’ve only tried a peel off face mask a few times. But I never really liked them! They feel so weird while on my face, then after my face feel even weirder. XD They look hilarious while on though.

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  3. I’ve been wanting one of these for AGES! I also agree, they shouldn’t be that expensive! I’m a little afraid of the pain though…

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