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The amazing lovely Jade from beautyandtheflawed wrote such nice words about me and my blog, made my day and nominated me for this award. Jade has an incredible range of blog-topics she writes about: book reviews, beauty, stationary…. the list goes on and on. You should definitely check out her blog because her blog is amazing and she is one of the nicest people I’ve met online.


  • Thank the blogger who wrote about you, providing a link to their blog, and creating a positive overview of what they write about.
  • Choose two or more blogs to write about.
  • Write about them in the topics that have been set (see below).
  • At the end of your post include some sort of quote, image, or your own words talking about why it’s important to smile.
  • Comment on your nominees blogs and let them know that you have done this tag, as well as let them know that they are the next people nominated to do it.
  • Include the link to the creator if the tags blog (just so I can read the lovely things you all write thegeckoonline )
  • Please include links to the blogs.

The topics to write about:

  • Why they are such an amazing blogger (eg. Include what they wrote about)
  • Your favourite of their posts and why 
  • Why you choose them for this tag 
  • Reasons why others should check out their blog

My positive blogger nominations:

1. BeaFree

Why she is such an amazing blogger:

I think Bea is one of the most amazing person we have on this planet. I don’t know how someone can be that nice, loyal, supportive, beautiful, strong, happy (….) at the same time. She fills your life through her blog posts with joy which is just one of the most amazing things.

My favourite post:

Charging through 

Why I chose her for this tag:

Bea is so so so supportive. She was here for me the minute she found my blog. Since that day she’s constantly supporting me and my blog in the most amazing way. She really is one of the best person I’ve ever got to know.

Reasons why you should check out her blog:

Because her blog is incredible. Bea is incredible in lifting you up and making you feel so much better by reading her posts. She motivates you on a daily basis to be happy and enjoy your life. 

2. Busybee 

First of all I know the amazing Jade nominated you as well, but you are one of my favourite bloggers so I just had to write this about you.

Why she is such an amazing blogger:
Because Tabi fills your life with joy. Her blog posts are so creative, bright and unique. After reading her posts you just have to be happy. I mean look at all the stuff she’s creating, everything is so adorable. 

My favourite post:

Starting a bullet journal 

Why I chose her for this tag:

Again, the minute she found my blog she never left it. Tabi always comments on my post. She’s super supportive in every way and is just one of the most amazing person I met online. 

Reasons why you should check out her blog:
Because she manages to be creative, adorable, amazing, supportive, lovely (…) at the same time. As I said, Her blog posts make you so happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy?! 

‘There is always a reason to smile. Find it.’
Thanks again to the incredible Jade for nominating me for this tag. Please check out all the blogs if you haven’t already. 

Instagram: Gluecksgeist Twitter: @gluecksgeist06 

13 thoughts on “The positive blogger tag 

  1. Congratulations on this tagg! Ah I so agree with everything you said about Bea and Jade Anna! I love their blogs too! And thank you so much for the lovely things you said about mine, it made me smile so much reading it! ❤️😉

    Liked by 1 person

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