May favourites 

I can’t believe how fast this month went by! I know, everybody keeps saying that, but it’s so true! Because of that I thought I could share my May-favourites with you. I haven’t done one of these in literally ages! I am so excited to tell you what I’ve been loving this past month. Be sure to let me know your favourites in the comments.

Let’s start with:


I really got back into face masks this last month. As some of you might know I am face-mask-crazy. I finally tried the charcoal-peel-off mask and I am loving it. Personally I think it’s not that painful but for a better review check out my post here.



If you’re following Zoella, aka Zoe Sugg on social media you might read that Zoella Beauty is now available in Germany. I love Zoe’s products so much and I finally got my hands back on this particular favourite: The body scrub. I love using scrubs because my skin is so dry and this one feels so soft but does it’s job.

Another favourite of mine last month was this copper-lipstick. I am so copper obsessed, check out my special copper post here.

It’s so beautiful and I just want to wear it every single day.



I am also so obsessed with the colour pink and this month I finally got my hands around a pink-piece. This amazing shirt:


I also got back into stripes and bought myself this amazing shirt:




Although not everything I baked in May turned out that good, I still had so much fun spending my time in the kitchen. My favourite cake I’ve created this month was my mum’s birthday cake and the cookies I baked for Mother’s Day. You can check out the recipe and more pics here.



one of my biggest favourite this month was:


This takes me back to my childhood. I was so so obsessed with them and I am not too sure if it was a good decision to start eating them again. I love everything about this Iced-lolly. Especially  the green and red part used to be my favourites.


So obsessed with this picture!!!

I better don’t tell you how many of these I ate this month…. and I am for sure not stop eating them :D. They are just too delicious.

What’s your favourite iced-lolly? Let me know in the comments.

I’ve also been obsessed with watching the Harry Potter Pc games. As a child my whole family would sit around on the weekends and play year 1 and 2 together. I remember these times so good and they were one of my favs. I wanted to have the pc games back for so so bad but I found an amazing alternative. A guy played the first 3 years and uploaded them to YouTube. This brings back so many memories and yes, I watched 9 hours of someone playing my favourite pc games :D. If you miss these games too I highly recommend checking out his channel here.

Another favourite of mine this month was the musical ‘Tanz der Vampire’. I saw it for the third time and had such an eventful and amazing evening. Be sure to check all my Tanz der Vampire themed post out here.


Of course I’ve been listenting to the soundtrack of the musical Tanz der Vampire non-stop. There are so many amazing songs and I just want to see the musical again for so bad.

But I’ve also been loving the song ‘When did your heart go missing’ by Rooney. Such a cheerful song, love it!

And that’s it! Please let me you know what you’ve been loving this past month in the comments.

Love, x


The copper tag 

I am so copper obsessed! Copper became so huge and is still such a trend-colour.

Today I show you my copper collection and I am answering a few copper-related questions. Let me know in the comments how copper-obsessed you are.

(Please tell me I am not the only one)

Let’s start with my copper collection:


ASOS (Paperchase)

Using them always feels so special and exciting.



I got this nail polish from my mum and I am loving it ever since. It’s so pretty and yes, it’s copper.

Are you ready for the most amazing copper-item?

Copper lipstick!

It’s so so beautiful and I just want to wear it every single day.


New Look (ASOS)

I bought this choker last year and still love it so much! Although not going to lie here, I’ve never worn it…. YET


New Look (ASOS)

I bought this watch last year and it’s one of my favourite watches ever! I’ve worn it so many times already and it spieces up every outfit.



This is probably one of my favourite calendars! It looks so chic.



My amazing mum bought me this gorgeous lamp. It’s so pretty and became such an amazing decoration-use piece in my room.

And last but not least:



There’s nothing better than some copper hangers, am I right?


I love all of my copper stuff so much!

Now to the questions: 

Because of who did you become copper obsessed? 

Zoella…. I think she’s the copper queen! Seeing so many amazing copper things just made me want to turn into something copper.

I mean….













Do you regret any copper-purchases?

No! I still love everything so much!

What differs copper from other colours/things? 

It’s just so nice and shiny and better.


Are you copper-obsessed? Let me know in the comments. And tell me how many copper-things you own.

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Little blog update 

Hi everybody 🙂

I just wanted to let you know that I change my uploading schedule. I am uploading a post from now on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Awards and tags I am going to upload randomly.

I also changed the look of my website a little bit. Please check it out and tell me what you think of it. I am so happy with how it turned out.

Love, x


Writing to the vampires 

I’ve recently saw my favourite musical Tanz der Vampire for the third time. I had such an amazing evening which you can check out here.

Because of that I really wanted to write a letter to my favourite characters: The Count von Krolock, Herbert and Alfred.

I love writing letters. I think it’s such a nice thing to do. I also love getting a reply. It’s so much nicer to have something in your hands than just a quick WhatsApp or email. It’s so sad that so many people don’t write letters anymore, it really is such a nice thing.

I love to find themed writing paper. For my Mary Poppins fan mail I had a Mary Poppins themed writing paper. Because I am writing to vampires I wanted to have a themed paper too and I found this amazing one!!! 

I do not own the rights to this image

I found it on Pinterest  (here). 

How amazing is this writing paper? It couldn’t be any better. 

A German YouTuber got the chance to meet some of the vampires  (check it out here) and he told us that we could send him questions which he then would ask Jan (Count von Krolock). Sadly they didn’t have time for that. So I decided to ask him some of my questions myself. If I get an answer I am going to tell you what he wrote. 

I also asked Max (Herbert) and Gonzalo (Alfred) a few questions. I just love getting to know more about the musical and the actors. Hopefully I get an answer! That would be so amazing.

But I also love to send them a little present. Because they are vampires they have to bite quiet a few people so I got them this …

It’s basically something you put on a blood-stain before washing your clothing piece. So funny I know! 

I truly thing this is so hilarious, I hope they find it funny too :D. 

And because I am so obsessed with Herbert I wanted to craft something for Max. 

A scrabble-frame.

I love creating scrabble-themed things. 

Of course I had to add some glitter to it! I think it suits Herbert’s personality so much better and I bet Max is going to be super happy about glitter everywhere ;).

Fun fact: I reassembled this wrong… it’s upside down when you arrange it… but who cares 😀

Let me know in the comments what you think of this. Have you ever written a fan-mail?

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