Mother’s day (Germany) 

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I love my mum so much and although I tell her that everyday I wanted to bake a few little things for mother’s day. I think this is such a cute little thing you can do to show your mum how much you love her.

First of all I baked some sugar cookies:

Then I added some icing on top of it and dyed a part red to create a nice pattern.

I used this recipe for the cookies:

Flooding cookies 
I think they look so good and so cute.

I recently baked some chocolate chip cookies (recipe is coming soon) and my mum loved them so much, so I decided to make them again for Mother’s Day.

I dyed the batter pink because it just looks way cuter.

I think they turned out so good!! And I know my mum is going to love them.

Last but not least I baked some ‘Amerikaner’. I don’t know the English name of these so I hope you just recognize them and tell me the name of it in the comments. (Recipe is coming soon)

I put all of the cookies into a big box so I could lay them out nicely.

I think my mum is going to be so happy with this. 

Let me know which treat you liked the best in the comments!

Have an awesome Sunday, x

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