DIY – Backblech

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I love adding german words to my posts. Some of you are from Germany so you get it right away but to all the other amazing people who read this, it’s always a little surprise what my post is about.

Today I want to share one of the best DIY’s I did so far. I am turning a baking tray into a magnet board.

For this you will need a magnetic baking tray, some spray-colour and some decorations of your choice.

First of all I coloured my whole baking tray with gold paint. 

Then I let it dry for a few hours.

Then I took some napkins and cut out the designs. With my special napkin-glue I glued them onto my tray.

Then I added tons of other decorations.

I also added these cute little easter eggs. I am so obsessed with pastel colours so these fitted perfectly.

After I added all my decorations, I let it dry for a couple of hours.

I am so so happy with it. I think it turned out so good! 

Let me know what you think of it in the comments. 

Have a nice and creative day, x

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18 thoughts on “DIY – Backblech

      1. Sorry I had exams and had to cut back on blogging; but as soon as I came back I caught up with all my favourites (including you!)
        I’m great thank you! Missed you too!xx

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