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I am so copper obsessed! Copper became so huge and is still such a trend-colour.

Today I show you my copper collection and I am answering a few copper-related questions. Let me know in the comments how copper-obsessed you are.

(Please tell me I am not the only one)

Let’s start with my copper collection:


ASOS (Paperchase)

Using them always feels so special and exciting.



I got this nail polish from my mum and I am loving it ever since. It’s so pretty and yes, it’s copper.

Are you ready for the most amazing copper-item?

Copper lipstick!

It’s so so beautiful and I just want to wear it every single day.


New Look (ASOS)

I bought this choker last year and still love it so much! Although not going to lie here, I’ve never worn it…. YET


New Look (ASOS)

I bought this watch last year and it’s one of my favourite watches ever! I’ve worn it so many times already and it spieces up every outfit.



This is probably one of my favourite calendars! It looks so chic.



My amazing mum bought me this gorgeous lamp. It’s so pretty and became such an amazing decoration-use piece in my room.

And last but not least:



There’s nothing better than some copper hangers, am I right?


I love all of my copper stuff so much!

Now to the questions: 

Because of who did you become copper obsessed? 

Zoella…. I think she’s the copper queen! Seeing so many amazing copper things just made me want to turn into something copper.

I mean….













Do you regret any copper-purchases?

No! I still love everything so much!

What differs copper from other colours/things? 

It’s just so nice and shiny and better.


Are you copper-obsessed? Let me know in the comments. And tell me how many copper-things you own.

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36 thoughts on “The copper tag 

  1. Oh my goodnesss!!! This post was so pleasing to look at! I absolutely love the jars with all the stationary things, makes me want to buy a desk and buy all that you have! Excellent post, as always!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I didn’t realize this until I read your post, but I love copper. It’s such a pretty colour! I’m obsessed with all of your copper things. This post makes me want to buy more copper items, haha! I loved reading this! xx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Yes I am obsessed with copper too😍….. I love your post…. It’s​ amazing as always ❤ I do have some copper accessories…. And you know what whenever I am bored, I just look at them and they fill me with happiness 😁😊 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I have seen some of these pictures in Instagram, and gawh they are all so lovely!!! So pleasing to the eyes and I’ve got to start collecting coppers from now! I was all inspired by you! 😉☺💗

    Liked by 1 person

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