My cactus obsession 🌵

If you read my May-favourites post you will know that I am so obsessed with an iced-lolly called ‘Cactus’. Because of this I am creating a little cactus series. I hope you’ll enjoy it and let me know in the comments how cactus obsessed you are.


Today I want to share my favourite cactus prints with you. I found three amazing prints on Pinterest and completely fell in love with them. I think they add something so nice to my room.


I perfectly had three picture frames left. So I just cut the prints into the right size and put them into the frames.

Cactus print

Pink cactus print

Cactus print

My favourite print is the pink one, but I love all of them so much. Be sure to let me know your favourite one in the comments.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

So happy with my little cactus-frame-garden.


Love, x



The prints are from Pinterest (check out the links). 



51 thoughts on “My cactus obsession 🌵

  1. So cute! I recently found a little cactus plant magnet at the hardware store… it literally is a little grey pot about 3 inches big and has a tiny little cactus planted inside the pot… I got it and put it on my refrigerator. So cute!

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  2. There is just something incredibly adorable about cactuses. I love the idea of printing pictures you like and framing them! Its such a cute, inexpensive decorating idea 😀
    Great post Anni!

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