Pink obsessed since 1997

You know me and my obsessions. I am cactus-obsessed, copper-obsessed and pink-obsessed. But if you think this started this year or maybe a year ago you are wrong. I can celebrate nearly 20 years of my pink-obsession because it started when I was a little child. Don’t believe me? Well I am going to prove you wrong with some nice old childhood-pictures.

We start a bit basic with a pink shirt on the left and my pink bathing-suit on the right. I was so fashion-trendy am I right? All the pictures I am going to show you today are taken in Denmark. I love Denmark so much and I want to go back for so bad.

Just realized that I am also wearing pink flip-flops on the left ;). 

Well I am looking pretty pink already with my pastel dress and pink cuddly toy on the left. And I even took it another step further on the right with my pink shirt and headscarf : I am rocking pink so much!

Pink 24/7! I even had pink PJs (left picture). But my favourite picture is the one on the right. Pink shirt and pink trousers! My mum told me that literally all I wanted to wear had to be pink… my obsessions started so early.

And that’s it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed this little pink-throwback. What was your favourite colour when you were younger? Let me know in the comments.

Love, x