How to spice up your summer drinks

It’s getting so hot where I live so I think we can say summer has officially arrived. There’s nothing better in summer than a nice refreshing drink. But I always like to spice them up so that they look extra cute.

Today I am sharing a simple but cute idea on how to spice up your summer drink.

Unicorn straws

If you follow my blog for a bit you will know that I am unicorn obsessed! I love them so much and everything unicorn-themed looks so much cuter and better. So of course we have to add some unicorn-magic to our drinks.

For this you will need some straws of your choice and a unicorn-head-picture. I found mine on Pinterest.


First of all you have to cut out the little unicorns.

After that you just glue them onto your straws and finished is your magical-unicorn-straw.

I think they are so cute and spice up every drink, am I right?

Let me know what you think of them in the comments. Can we please have all a big summer party together?

Love, x