The most refreshing face mask 

Yes! I have another fruit obsession: WATERMELON.

I love eating watermelon! It’s probably the most tasty and refreshing fruit ever. So when I went to my local DM (like Superdrug) and saw a watermelon-face-mask, I just had to buy and try it and I love it.

As I said, I love that watermelon is such a refreshing snack and so is this face-mask. This is the most refreshing face mask I’ve ever tried. It smells, of course, of watermelon and it’s kind of hard not to eat the mask whilst applying it.

Your skin feels so much healthier after using this mask and as I said it’s such a good boost for your whole body. I highly recommend trying this mask!

What’s your favourite fruit and what’s your favourite face mask? Let me know in the comments.

Love, x