300 ghosties

I tried to write this post for so many times now and I feel like I just can’t do it as perfect as I want it to be. I am just overwhelmed to be honest. I never thought that so many of you stop on my little space in the internet and leave such amazing and nice comments and bring so much joy into my life.

I wanted to upload this post days ago but I just felt like this is so surreal. But today I am finally answering your questions. I hope you didn’t have to wait for too long. Thank you so much for being here and making me so happy.Now to the Questions:


1.Where do you see yourself (and your blog?) in 5 years? -Outnabout

First of all I am hoping that I am still blogging in 5 years. I really can’t imagine a life without it anymore. I see myself studying or about to finish Uni. Of course I would love to do blogging as my job, but who wouldn’t love to do that?.

2. What is your dream home? -Thegeckoonline

I’m happy when I am surrounded by my family so my dream home is just a place with them.

3. What is your favourite talent that you can do? -Amelia in Hull

I am incredible good in salting everything too much :D.

4. What motivates you for blogging? -Azra

I felt like I couldn’t be myself 24/7 in the ‘real’ world without being judged. I created my blog, so it’s my little world where I can be truly myself. I love that I have such an amazing place now and because I am so happy with it, I just want to spent as much time as I can there.

5. If you could have any super power what would it be? -MyblessingwithGrace

I would love to heal people and just making them happy. Happiness and Love are the strongest superpowers in my opinion.

6. How do you feel looking back on your first ever blog post? -ElsieLMC

I love my first blog post. I started with a baking post and after one and a half years I am still doing them. So I think there couldn’t be a better introduction to the blogging world than this post.

7. Besides peanut butter and banana, what other 2 foods do you think taste really good together? -Lee

I don’t like Peanut Butter and I don’t like bananas at the moment :D. I love chocolate with salty cookies. Best chocolate ever.

8. Cupcakes or brownies? -Lee

For sure Cupcakes!

7. What is your ultimate dream DIY project? -KaliBorovic

Building my own pinata.

8. If you could guest blog on anyone’s site, whose would it be? -KaliBorovic

I don’t think I am advanced enough for this yet, but I would love to do a guest blog on your’s. Maybe showing the differences between German and American thrift stores or something like this ;).

9. If you had unlimited funds, what would you buy first? -KaliBorovic

Tickets for my favourite musical.

10. Where would you go on holiday if you could go anywhere? -Hannah


11. What inspired you to start this blog? Ojaswini Parihar

I already gave some of this away on Azra’s question ;). I was really confident as a child, but sadly school made me think that I am not good enough for anything. I felt like hanging around with these ‘friends’ changed me. I couldn’t be the happy, supportive person I am, or at least my support was taken but I never got anything back. Finishing school and deciding to get rid of these unhealthy friendships made me struggle a bit. I forgot who I was, what I liked. I couldn’t start Uni because I didn’t know what I should do with my life. Being at home can get quiet boring and because I gave up all my hobbies I had, I decided that I needed a task. I wanted to have a blog for ages and I thought there wasn’t a better timing than now.

After searching for hours I decided to go with WordPress and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I chose this blogging space. I started blogging and I love it!

12. Do you think you’ll still be blogging in a year, 2 years, 5 years? -LifeofAngela

For sure!!!

13. what is your favourite photo you’ve ever taken? -Welcomehomexx

This is such a hard one… I love taking pictures and I take quiet a lot so choosing one is impossible! But I think I am going with this one:


I really love this picture. I had such a nice day and this pictures sums it up. It’s also my blog-profile-picture so I do really love it.

14. Where do you get inspiration? -JirahMerizz

Just life in general. There’s no better inspiration than just living your life.

15. What do you do when you’re in a really bad mood? -JirahMerizz

I watch Youtube Videos. They calm me down and just make me happy.

16. Any blogging tip you could give to all of us? -JirahMerizz

Just enjoy it. I am blogging since November 2015 and nobody read my stuff until December 2016/ January 2017. Blogging for me isn’t about numbers, it’s about being creative and creating your happy place.


Wow! I was hoping that I get maybe two three questions but this is insane! Thank you guys so much for your incredible support. I am so happy you enjoy my posts.

Love, x


33 thoughts on “300 ghosties

  1. Huge congrats beauty! It is very much deserved! You have created an awesome space and I know it will only continue to grow for you! I loved reading your answers and I am so happy you are part of the blogging community! ❤ ❤ ❤

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