Cacti-picking 🌵

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After all my cactus-themed posts it was time to adopt a real one. So my dad, my sister and I went to a little Garden Center to pick a cactus for me. I love going to Garden Centers. It’s so calming and seeing all these beautiful flowers makes me just so happy!


I wanted to buy every flower I saw, but I am sadly not good at keeping them alive, so I thought someone else could do better with them.

But the reason I came to this Garden Center was to pick a little cactus for me. So we went to the little cactus-section.

I really loved that pink one! It’s so pretty.

But I saw online that they have mini cacti and they looked so freaking adorable I really wanted to have them. And luckily we found them!

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How cute are they? I love them so much! And because I couldn’t choose one I went for two in the end. I wanted to start with a little cactus selection, I am not that crazy yet and I am really happy with the ones I picked (I chose them, my dad picked them).

Do you enjoy going to Garden Centers? And how many cactuses do you own? Let me know in the comments,

Have a wonderful day, x



49 thoughts on “Cacti-picking 🌵

  1. Those are adorable!!! I had a cactus my freshman year of college and it lived for about 10 months! 🙂 After that every plant I’ve had has died, but I’d like to try having another plant or cactus again soon!

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  2. I never go to gardens centere to be honest… All my plants I have bought by accident at spot in shops, only cos I fell in love from first sight…. I loooove all the pictures you made and now I think I could use a cactus in my place as well 😀
    Have a lovely day!

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  3. I always want some mini cactus in my room, but it’s kinda hard to find in my place. But seeing your post and those cute cactus already make me happy 😄. Anyway I have a little brother who likes to run around my room, so yeah, probably I’ll have to wait until he’s old enough to be careful with pots and stuff😊

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