My favourite red lipsticks

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Finding a good red lipstick is quiet hard in my opinion. As I got older I discovered my love for lipsticks and a classic good red is just the best thing to wear.

The first red lipstick I bought was this one:


Rival de Loop – 59


Now looking at this I feel like this isn’t a real red one. I was so excited for this one when I bought it and I still love it so much but as you see it isn’t really crazy red.

Then I discovered the brand NYX, thanks Zoe (Zoella) and I am obsessed! I love their liquid lipsticks so much and I am obsessed with wearing this one:


SMLC10 – Monte Carlo


I’ve never finished a lipstick before but this one is getting empty and I am quiet sad about that!

Now to one of my absolutely new favourite lipsticks! I love the brand Manhattan. I love using their powders but I never tried their lipsticks. I recently strolled through my DM (like Superdrug) and found this bright gorgeous red. I just had to get it and I am so happy with it! Just look at it:

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Moisture Renew Lipstick 500 MUSE RED

I love to wear it so so much, it’s one of my favourites!

Let me know which one is your favourite and tell me your favourite reds in the comments.

Love, x




38 thoughts on “My favourite red lipsticks

  1. Love love LOVE this post! Red lipstick is my life! I am currently on the hunt for a TRUE fire engine red lipstick. I have been using Nars (which I LOVE their lipsticks) but much like you do not feel like the red is red enough. I also have a tendency to layer lip gloss on over it and am obsessed with Estee Lauder’s red lip gloss. True fire engine red and has a shimmer to it! I will have to look into Nyx! ❤

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  2. Red lipstick is my favorite!! I have one from Yves Rocher, one (which is a pencil, I just love them because they last so long and don’t stain) by wicon and a red lip gloss by H&M, but I’m more shiny than red, actually. I prefer the matte ones. Love to know we have both have an obsession with red lipstick in common 🙂

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  3. Been meaning to get one of the NYX Lip Lingerie ones, but i might try this red.. it’s so beautiful! Great post x

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