Happy Birthday Maximilian

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Today is my brother’s 22 birthday!! First of all Happy birthday to the most amazing brother. I am so happy to have you in my life!

Of course I wanted to give him the most amazing present, as always, although presents aren’t the most important things in life. I am ASOS- addicted as most of you know, so I was looking for a good present on ASOS. I love that they have the gift section with tons of cool stuff.

My brother really is into decorating his room with lights lately, so I thought this present is just perfect for him. You can change and write whatever you want. I thought it would be quiet cool if he could spell his nickname Max, or Maxi.  I think this adds something so nice to his room and he can always change the shape of it, so it will never get boring.

I also got him such a funny card!!


Of course he isn’t a moron, not always ;).

My dad is also baking him a birthday cake as always so I think he’s going to have a good day.

I really enjoy buying present and I am really pleased with his presents. Shopping for men is so so hard. Don’t you agree?

Let me know what your go-to presents for men are in the comments. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Love, x




12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Maximilian

  1. Buying presents for my brother (25) and dad is so hard! This year I’m getting my brother a few books. He never used to read, but recently I’ve noticed him reading books more – including raiding my bookcase at home! 😂

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    1. My brother finished two or three books so far 😅 he really isn’t into reading. But I love to give books as presents! I always love a book so much more if I get it from a loved one.

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  2. I love that card! 😂 It’s totally something I would get my own brother. For my dad or brother, I normally get them games or books. Whatever they’re currently into. I never know what to get Rory though, and I know him really well 😂 Buying presents for guys is more tricky for some reason

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  3. Awe Happy Birthday to your brother! And Lol. I love that card! It is a total sibling thing to give! I usually do gadgety techy type gifts. Or a tie…Or a watch. Lol. 🙂 Guys are os hard to shop for! ❤

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  4. Happy Birthday to your brother! It is great that your family gets to celebrate together 🙂 Shopping for men is SO hard! They never tell you what they want or they say they don’t care. They’re no help at all, haha! You did an amazing job of choosing a gift though, it is very thoughtful and fun! I am sure he will love it! 🙂

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