One lovely blog award

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The amazing Kali nominated me for the One lovely blog award. I am so obsessed with Kali’s blog. I would describe her as the thrift-shop-queen if you’re alright with that Kali ;). But she also talks about beauty and just everything you could ask for on her blog. Be sure to check her out here and leave her some nice comments.

I was also nominated by the amazing Trina from trendingwithtrina. I love Trina’s blog so much! It’s so girly and sweet and I always look forward to her posts. Be sure to check her out here and give her lots of love.


  • thank the person that nominated you
  • share seven facts about yourself
  • nominate 15 others

7 facts about myself:

  1. I am face masks crazy!
  2. I eat hot soup when it’s 33 °C.
  3. PLL is my favourite series ever.
  4. I always wear lipstick when I go outside.
  5. I always dress nicely going to the cinema.
  6. For me it’s attending a little mini event.
  7. I am obsessed with watching YouTube videos of someone playing Mario Kart.
  8. I am also so obsessed with Zoe’s vlogs lately.
  9. I absolutely loved the last episode of PLL.
  10. I cried several times during the episode.
  11. I am a really sentimental person.
  12. I hate throwing birthday cards or things like this away so I try to keep most of them.
  13. I wear glasses since I am 6 years old.
  14. I don’t feel like me without them.

I nominate all of you to do this award. Please tag me so I can read some facts about yourselves.

Thanks again Kali and Trina for nominating me!

Love, x

32 thoughts on “One lovely blog award

    1. Haha, probably because I’ve watched that massive interview with Marlene king right afterwards where she explained everything 😉 I think it was just really hard to get that final episode right. So many actors couldn’t make it or only for one day, for this I think it turned out so good. Xx

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  1. Thrift shop queen?! I thought maybe princess, but queen is a high honor hehe. I’m so glad that you accepted my nomination and loved reading this post! You should make a DIY book out of all those cards that you saved xx.

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