The most gorgeous dress 

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My mum my sister and I went for a little shopping trip. I wanted to find a cute red top for a special event. You can clearly read that I didn’t find a red top. There were a lot of red things but I didn’t like anything and then I saw this dress.

From my Pink obsessed since 1997 post you will know that I love the colour pink. So when I saw this dress I gasped a little bit because it is so pretty. Believe it or not but there were only two dresses left! I mean, It’s so pretty who wouldn’t want it? And yes, one dress was my size and it fits perfectly. I am so happy that my amazing mum bought it for me and I am so excited to wear it for the first time.

So let me introduce you to the most amazing dress ever!



I already wore it to a special occasion (post is coming soon) and I felt so nice wearing it. I can’t wait to wear it more often and to take some epic pictures in it.

Let me know what you think of this dress in the comments.

Love, x




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